what is Shalatim ?

Our special Shalatim program brings you 1 hour or more of interactive game for your guests / students.
Our Host, Revital-Rina will keep your guests / students engaged with questions, videos and audio while learning and HAVING FUN !

Who is Shalatim for ?

Shalatim is for EVERYONE. We cater to school with programming around Rosh Hashana, Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukah, Shavuot but also subjects like recycling, history, … you name it!
BUT NOT ONLY ! We also do wedddings, Bar / Bat Mizvah, Gala, any event… You pick the topic or the subject and we create a whole programming around it !
You can run the event or our host, Revital-Rina can run it for you !

Host an event

During the event, questions and answers are displayed on a screen while your guests/students answer on their own remotes! (we bring the remotes)

Contact us today to book an event at or +1(754)267-1973.